June 23, 2015

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Ass Whooping With A Smile: Meet Sarah

          There is a small percentage of the general population that takes pleasure from pushing their bodies to the extreme. There are the ones who compete in endless eating competitions to win gluttonous glory. There are adrenaline junkies who climb mountains or  free fall from planes for fun. And, then of course, there are the fitness freaks who genuinely enjoy sweating their asses off and literally ripping their muscles to become perfect specimens of human athleticism.                                            But not everyone can approach the gym with an eager grinning expression of excitement for the sadistic punishment they are about to endure. That is where Sarah comes in. This trainer with over 14 years of experience is always ready to take on the toughest of clients and turn them into something greater than they could have possibly imagined achieving on their own. While some people are perfectly capable of motivating themselves to workout, Sarah can help the people needing a push. And she does far more then offer words of encouragement. She scrutinizes each client as they do an exercise to make sure they keep proper form, thus preventing injury and ineffectiveness. She creates a workout routine that will target each individual’s unique needs. And she carefully monitors progress to keep clients on track with their goals. Through dedication, Sarah firmly believes that ANYONE can see a difference in 4-6 weeks.

            She knows that will power is limited, and that everyone can use a little cattle-prodding to keep them motivated. So when people say they have reached their limit, this Mother-of-one, becomes a drill sergeant demanding at least another rep. Sarah knows just the right way to deal with an exhausted complaining client. Sometimes these means calm words of encouragement. But other times this means getting in their face intensely insisting they can AND will complete another rep. She can be the sort of person you love to hate.

 Sarah has these words of advice for anyone who wants to put the remote down and fight their flab:

            To safely start working out on your own, you are going to want to do exercises that are the most efficient and least likely to break you down. Done in proper form, squats, pushups, and chin-ups are extremely effective at working your entire body and are also zero impact moves. While trendier moves like the popular “Burpee” are getting all the buzz because of their efficiency, they can jolt your body from the constant impact and potentially lead to you breaking down. So the secret is to look for solid moves that won’t leave you crippled with repetition.

            Sarah warns that many of her clients come in craving to do too much, too fast. Any lasting change will take time. She recommends slowly increasing your weight and carefully listening to your body before you increase your load. In Sarah’s words: “Too much too fast, is a fast track to injury and burnout.”

Passionate people like Sarah, give a damn about their jobs and tend to be the ones making big impacts in the world.