El Capitan: Kicker obsessively dwells on DamnDog and how he can tweak even the most minute details to perfection. He admits he has a slight addiction problem. When he’s not at the DamnDog HQ, Kicker obsesses over food instead, and has challenged himself to make the best possible meal out of the strangest combination of items he can find in the back of his fridge. He loves Legos and sushi and keeps trying to find a way to combine the two into glorious harmony. His hobbies include climbing mountains and recklessly jumping into random adventures. For better or worse, he shamelessly takes selfies on a constant basis. 


The Damn Dog: Dozer
 is a French Bulldog with an American appetite and a British sense of sarcastic humor. This quirky dog is actually vegetarian, has chronic ear infections, and wheezes like an old Jewish man with asthma if he plays for too long outside in the yard. But we love this misfit, and he inspires us on a daily basis. His mug is proudly stitched into the inside of every item we make so the we never forget who the real boss of this company is.    
The Smart One: Jerome is a graphics guru, photography pro, and basically is all-around awesome in most every way possible. He is totally humble as well. In fact he is so humble, that he would make Mother Teresa look like a jerk-face. Jerome definitely classes up the office with his sophisticated wardrobe which makes even Kicker's "nice" set of Birkenstocks look completely inappropriate for the workplace. When he is not designing beautiful email campaigns or touching up our logos, Jerome is illustrating comic book characters, hanging out with his son and wife, and plotting to take over the world.    
Stinky Beard Face: Chewie is the lead sales generator for DamnDog. Despite his awaked temperament and ridiculous facial hair that seems to always contain bits of food lodged in it, doors seem to always open for this little dog. He effortlessly shows off the newest damn creations and joins Kicker on almost every sales call and business meeting. When not working hard at growing DamnDog, this 100% pure-bred miniature Wookie, likes to assist in flying the Millennium Falcon and has been seen to occasional hang out with droids.


Fed Ex Guy: Bob happily drops off all the lovely fan mail we receive  from people who  have enough time to read the sort of nonsense we post here on our DamnDog Team Page.






NOTE: We’re on the lookout for patriots to promote DamnDog in various regions, so if you’re interested in joining our team, we’d love to hear from you!