Essential Product Features

At DamnDog, each item we make is carefully crafted with premium materials and distinctive features. Get a DamnDog, and you get:

Top Shelf Leather

Thick, premium leather from India. After years of searching, the DamnDog team found a beautiful cow’s hide that ages magnificently and develops its own character with time. Each hide used to make Top Shelf Leather varies somewhat in color due to inconsistencies in natural, unfinished cow’s skin. This makes every DamnDog item a unique work of art.

Swamp Canvas

A durable cotton fabric that has been lightly waxed for a protective finish and slight water resistance. This natural canvas is strong and will hold up through life’s crazy adventures. The weave is purposefully imperfect, containing unique filaments that give the fabric a visibly coarse grain, texture and personality. Tough, yet pliable—this material is built to outlast its owner without feeling bulky or burdensome.

Double Stitched Seams

Key stress points are reinforced with double lines of thick cord to prevent breakage.

Riveted Construction

When metal rivets are used to strengthen the bond between leather and canvas or multiple pieces of canvas. By combing thick stitching and rivets, a bag of many parts becomes a single, solid, piece of work.

Fleur De Lis Tag

Our take on the New Orleans Fleur De Lis is tagged in metal on each piece so we don’t forget our heritage.

Lightweight, Light-colored Lining

Lightweight cotton lining on each item is lightly colored to ensure that random stuff stashed is easily found.

Authenticity Patch

Verifies an item is a genuine DamnDog product that has been designed in New Orleans. Watch out for cheap, crappy, copies from competitors who prey on the foolish. If there’s no Authenticity Patch, then it’s not a real DamnDog, just some damn poser.


  • Flimsy Fabric
  • Unnecessary weight
  • Pleather
  • Designer Prices
  • High-Fructose-Corn Syrup