What DamnDog's All About


Hi. My name is Kicker and this is DamnDog. I was born into the family business, Kalencom, where for over 40 years we have been making a range of premium bags and specialty sewn products. I don’t want to bore you with the details, but we know a thing or two about quality craftsmanship and the features that make something basic become badass.

I decided to launch DamnDog in honor of my dog, Dozer, and everyone else’s damn dog that follows them around faithfully. Through thick and thin, our loyal sidekicks – the Chewbaccas to our Han Solos – are always at our side, ready for anything. Our canine compadres are reliable, and I struggled to find an equally steadfast bag to carry my crap around. One that I could proudly sport on a daily basis and could trust to haul critical paperwork, random gizmos, or even my mid-day snack. I wanted a bag that was born with durability in its veins. A rugged bag that equally matched form AND function. And a bag that had quality leathers and canvas that would age beautifully with time, giving each item an individual character all of its own.

Enter DamnDog.

After years of work, I am proud to present DamnDog, a line that meets my ridiculously high standards for details. Each item is inspired by legendary design, then perfected with modern, functional features. The Swamp Canvas and Top Shelf Leather we use have purposeful microscopic imperfections, giving each bag its own individual texture and identity. Just as no dog is identical to another, no DamnDog bag will be an exact replica of another. Plus, the items all age gloriously, developing their own personality and showing off the adventures they've been on and the history they've experienced. Then there are just the kickass features that range from a hidden passport pocket in our Under Gear Box Duffle, to the H2O Holster in the Haversack Messenger.

But what's more important than all of those details is the fact that, at DamnDog, we give a damn. We give a damn about making the world a better place. And yes, I know it sounds cheesy, but we believe every business should give back in some way or another. So, at the DamnDog HQ, we are proudly donating a percentage of ALL DamnDog sales to a charity that we select each year. It is our little way of showing that we give a damn about more than just bags.

We appreciate you stopping by the site and taking the time to learn more about my passion. I recommend you browse the DamnBlog to take a look at other dedicated people, awesome products and unique companies that we think are worth ranting about.  And we want to know what you're passionate about too, whether it's your vegetable garden, a Humane Society or a freaking bag.

Seriously, what do you give a damn about? 


 For 2015 DamnDog has partnered with the LASPCA and is giving a percentage of all sales to help the damn dogs that roam our street.

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