August 20, 2015

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Getting Inked: Meet Cornbread

             Yea. Cornbread is his name. And he is one of the best damn tattoo artists around. Inked up tattoo artists may come off as intimidating thugs with little resemblance to modern day Picassos, but they are probably more involved with their craft than any sculptor or painter around. When they go to work, it gets personal. The people who entrust their flesh to the tattoo artist, have more at stake than just their physical well being and hope for a pain-free session. People count on the guys like Cornbread, to properly interpret and depict the message that they forever want brandished on their skin. If Cornbread can’t properly draft the artwork so that is represents something that his client will be happy with, then Cornbread is toast and would lose the loyal customer base he has formed over the years.

            There are, of course, the inebriated idiots who stumbled into Cornbread’s domain desperately demanding to have random tribal characters, barbed wire, or something equally as stereotypical and uncreative,  cover half their calf. Cornbread and most other Tattoo artist will accept that sort of job purely for the cash, but it is not what they are most passionate about and not why they do what they do. However, when a guy shows up with a vivid vision in his head about what he wants depicted on his body, then Cornbread’s ears perk up, his hand gets twitchy, and creativity begins to control his thoughts. The idea to work with someone who has thought long and hard about the artwork they want tattooed on them is what tattoo artists give a damn about.

            Then things really get interesting as Cornbread, a true artiest, puts the finishing touches on the concept and transforms the client’s vision into an aesthetically awesome reality. Taking an idea and growing upon it, make a job, any job, an enjoyable experience. It not only is a pleasure, but a true honor when a tattoo artist’s client approves of the stylistic changes recommended by the artist who then proceeds to apply the design permanently onto the person’s body.  Because of this, tattoo artists love their job and dutifully spend hours on the tiny details, so that they can make the best damn tat possible.