May 08, 2017

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Shiny and New


            At DamnDog’s world headquarters in New Orleans, we are always taking the mountains of feedback that DamnFans send in, and turning it into tangible items.

We are damn proud of our newest additions, the DamnDog Card Sleeve and Cash Clip, which both feature our Top Shelf Buffalo Leather. These beauties offer up an alternative to the dreaded wallet-butt syndrome, and allow you to take pride in prioritizing the cards and cash you actually need as part of your EDC (“every day carry” for all of you not who are not up to date with your hipster acronyms) gear.

Slim down to a DamnDog Card Sleeve and suddenly your life gets a whole lot better. Life becomes a bit simpler and more refined. Wrapped in Top Shelf Buffalo Leather, you can now carry your ID, a couple of credit cards, a Costco membership, and some bucks, in baller style. If you are complaining that the Card Sleeve does not have a spot for coins, then shutup up and go spend your quarters paying Golden Tee or Pacman, and maybe start tipping just a bit better. Hell, you should probably donate a few cents to a damn charity or something you selfish schmuck. 

Stuck in the frustrating place between two options: Pizza or Pasta? Sleeping in or getting fired? Giving Crossfit a try or making fun of all the Crossfit fanatics? Do you want to lighten your daily load and finally cut ties to that wallet of yours, but the DamnDog Card Sleeve is just lacking the heft you need to feel badass? Then the Cash Clip is the thing for you. With a solid metal clip, this thing is not going to be falling out of your pocket and the weight is a constant reminder of the dinero you worked you ass off to earn. Dude, money clips are cool and it is about damn time you got yourself one.

And, did we mention that the DamnDog Card Sleeve and Cash Clip are more than affordable?! Yep, now you can own an authentic DamnDog item for less than the price of a round of laser tag!