October 07, 2015

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Groceries and a Grin: Meet Lala

Some people love strolling the aisles of the supermarket and analyzing apples or comparing cold-cut nutritional labels. For them, grocery shopping is a joy. But for others, taking a cart and spending an hour shopping for food is a hated necessity of life.
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April 15, 2015

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Superhero to the hounds: Meet The LA/SPCA

When a canine cries, who answers the call? When Spot becomes a stray, who will be its savior? Whenever a dog is desperate, then the fine folks at the LA/SPCA rush in to rescue the situation.

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April 08, 2015

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HELLO Fest Season!

The Freret Street Fest kicks off the fest season by taking over an entire Uptown street and turning it into an avenue lined with vendors and anchored by a couple of music-pumping stages. DamnDog participated in full force this year…and made sure everyone knew damn well about our attendance!
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March 25, 2015

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Yep, these people are better than you: Meet the silent saviors

 Walk down the street. Any street. It could be in Boston MA or Biloxi MS. It could be as far away as Katmandu or even Zanzibar, but it will likely not make a difference. View full article →
November 06, 2014

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Damn Thankful

The most sacred of Holidays: Thanksgiving is an oasis, the calm before the storm of the holidays– it’s a time we should all be damn proud about. Unlike most other holidays, which have been commercialized into cutthroat shopping sprees and wild bazaars, Thanksgiving manages to maintain its integrity, staying sacred and still mostly focused on the principles of its founding story; and for many, a new positive element is being added to this holiday tradition, giving thanks by giving to charity.

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January 21, 2014

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Follow the Leader: Patagonia Sets a Standard

Do you know anything about Patagonia? Not the mountain range in Southern Chile (although that’s pretty badass, too). I’m talking about the Patagonia brand, born in California. Sported by hippies, hipsters and hooligans of all sorts, this clothing and gear line is really an overlord in the outdoor industry... CONTINUE
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