January 21, 2014

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Follow the Leader: Patagonia Sets a Standard

Patagonia Patch

Do you know anything about Patagonia? Not the mountain range in Southern Chile (although that’s pretty badass, too). I’m talking about the Patagonia brand, born in California. Sported by hippies, hipsters and hooligans of all sorts, this clothing and gear line is really an overlord in the outdoor industry.

From backpacks and boots to board shorts and bikinis, Patagonia remains dutifully loyal to making items as responsibly as possible.   Despite the company’s crazy growth and ever escalating popularity, Patagonia still firmly follows the principles they were founded upon and have set a solid example for DamnDog to strive towards.

While Patagonia is still a profit-focused business with the objective to make as much mula as possible, this company still sincerely cares about the world, the environment, and society as a whole. It would be easy for a giant corporate animal like Patagonia to cut costs by manufacturing through less-than-ethical measures or to increase margins by hoarding every penny they make. But they don’t do that. Their company is constantly using recycled materials, following socially responsible means of manufacturing and proudly part of the 1% for the Planet organization.

While DamnDog is small, and we are just getting started, we are learning from the example set by Patagonia. We, too, give a damn about being a proper company that is both profitable and responsible. So, like Patagonia, DamnDog is proud to donate a portion of all sales to a charity that we select each year.

Okay, it’s not much. But it’s a start. And it’s our own little way of showing that we give a damn about the world and the community that we live in.

We’re taking Patagonia’s path of corporate social responsibility and we’re going to follow it the best we can. No, our bags aren’t as cheap as the crap found at “Big-Box-Mart,” but the price includes a little bit of world saving goodness. Hopefully, one day, that little bit will go a long way.