October 07, 2015

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Groceries and a Grin: Meet Lala

           Weekends are supposed to be the time when people get to sit on their damn asses and just chill. Sadly that is rarely the case since Saturdays and Sundays are prime time for all the chores that responsible adults are supposed to do. A stereotypical Sabbath is now spent in stinky laundry rooms dealing with a week’s worth of sweaty gym socks. Or maybe that “day of rest” is stuck slaving away outside on the yard to keep up with the Joneses. One chore that all hungry humans must face is the weekly grocery run.

            Some people love strolling the aisles of the supermarket and analyzing apples or comparing cold-cut nutritional labels. For them, grocery shopping is a joy. But for others, taking a cart and spending an hour shopping for food is a hated necessity of life. Here is where Lala comes in. She is a charismatic lady that makes even the grumpiest of grocery shoppers turn a quick grin. Just saying her name: “Lala”, makes you smile.

            What really makes people ignore the pain of spending half a paycheck and part of a weekend in a grocery store, is Lala’s positive energy. Not only does her attitude transform the customers that come into contact with her, but it also radiates to her fellow cashiers all manning the registers at the front. When Lala is around the entire store’s staff is upbeat and all smiles like some Disney theme park ride.

            Lala gives a damn about her day and the day of those around her. It would be easier to punch in, swipe some credit cards and bag food in a drone-like manner. But instead she chooses to share her satirical observations, make quick-witted jokes, and smile shamelessly, all in an effort to make everyone’s day a bit better.

    It is amazing how one person can have such an impact on a massive scale; but it is equally impressive how one person’s simple actions can transform the community around them.