April 08, 2015

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HELLO Fest Season!

The Freret Street Fest kicks off the fest season by taking over an entire Uptown street and turning it into an avenue lined with vendors and anchored by a couple of music-pumping stages. DamnDog participated in full force this year…and made sure everyone knew damn well about our attendance!
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November 21, 2014

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Sushi With a Side of Nostalgia: Meet Chef Johnny

In this DamnBlog post, meet a man whose crowd-pleasing sushi fills the belly and comforts the soul. Chef Johnny is not only passionate about sushi, but also about remaining a constant in so many people's lives. View full article →
November 06, 2014

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Damn Thankful

The most sacred of Holidays: Thanksgiving is an oasis, the calm before the storm of the holidays– it’s a time we should all be damn proud about. Unlike most other holidays, which have been commercialized into cutthroat shopping sprees and wild bazaars, Thanksgiving manages to maintain its integrity, staying sacred and still mostly focused on the principles of its founding story; and for many, a new positive element is being added to this holiday tradition, giving thanks by giving to charity.

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April 16, 2014

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An Irish, a Jamaican, a Dream: Meet the Ailingers

Old Jamaica Pepper Jelly
America is a land full of wonderfully tasty cuisines. And while typical Americana entrees like meatloaf, hamburgers, and fried chicken are all within reach, our eclectic country is also populated by more globally-inspired-grub. Anybody with a nose and half a brain can find Chinese food in pretty much every metropolitan part of this great land. Mexican meals are offered by trucks, drive-throughs, fancy 5-star-joints, and tiny greasy spoons. Italian food is also just as common with the added bonus of delivery for the hardcore couch potatoes. Stuffing your face with Jamaican food, however, is not quite as easy... CONTINUE View full article →
December 17, 2013

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Be Cheesy: Meet Justin Trosclair

 To say that Justin Trosclair likes cheese is like saying the Cookie Monster appreciates a quality snikerdoodle from time to time – it’s a gross understatement.

Justin is milk’s-best-byproduct’s biggest fanboy. Besides constantly nibbling on the stuff, he has a solid history of producing and teaching classes about cheese, and works full time behind the counter in one of America’s best little cheese shops – Saint James Cheese Company, in New Orleans... CONTINUE

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