June 12, 2017

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It's About Damn Time You Became A Badass







DamnDog is proud to be teaming up with the Badass Dash once again for another one of their upcoming obstacle races. The Badass Dash is an amazingly fun race held throughout the country at some of the best venues. Each race has an Elite, Open, Kid, and K9 division. 

In June, DamnDog sponsored the Minneapolis Badass Dash that took place in the Minnesota Vikings’ stadium in the middle of down town Minneapolis. The race involved several miles in and around the legendary stadium. Along with a challengeing course involving many bleacher climbs, there were around 40 obstacles to tackle. From wall climbs, to monkey bars and swimming through a pool, there was plenty of obstacles to keep you guessing.


One of the highlights of the Badass Dash is the K9 division, which positions man and beast together to take on the course. Team DamnDog consisting of Kicker (Human) and Chewie (Teacup Wookie) successfully completed the Minneapolis course despite Chewie’s tiny size and some challenging obstacles.


DamnDog and the Badass Dash have teamed up once again for the Chicago race taking place July 8th in Chicago’s Sears Arena. It is going to be freaking amazing. Elite division winners will earn DamnDog prizes. 





Come join DamnDog at the Badass Dash and be a badass!