March 25, 2015

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Yep, these people are better than you: Meet the silent saviors

Walk down the street. Any street. It could be in Boston MA or Biloxi MS. It could be as far away as Katmandu or even Zanzibar, but it will likely not make a difference. FACT: We live in a polluted world. Unless you live in a pristine paradise such as Switzerland, or you happen to be visiting a country like Singapore (where rumors are that they chop your hand off if caught littering), then you will likely wade through filth every time you hit the streets. It is sad and disgusting, and is an unfortunate part of reality.

               Occasionally though, brave citizens decide to get their hands dirty; they are the few Clark Kents who anonymously fight the good fight for us all. They silently spend hours patrolling neighborhoods with trash bags in hand and pick up the crap left by their careless community members. They get no recognition for the dirty work they do during their free time, but without these amazingly selfless do-gooders, cities would be just a bit more grimy. The DamnDog HQ is housed in a historic building in New Orleans’ original cool-kid neighborhood, The Bywater. It is a lovely neighborhood, thanks in part to a silent couple who anonymously roam the streets late in the afternoon with garbage bags in tow.  They pick a city block or a peaceful park to save, and leave nothing but nature in their wake. 

                Frequently, the DamnDog team would screech past them on their way home from work. But now, after realizing what this couple’s manual labor has accomplished, an eager “thank-you” is hollered from the car and a valuable lesson is forever learned.