May 28, 2015

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Dermatology Dynasty: Meet Dr. Renee

           When you have an especially, hairy, nasty looking mole protruding from your forehead, then it is time to see Dr. Renee. He is one Hell of a damn good dermatologist that is passionate about his profession. His small empire has expanded to include his son and now the family happily works together scrutinizing sun spots and literally saving people’s skin.                                                                                  Everyone always talks about “brain surgery” or “cardiology”, but the Dermatologist of the world need just a tad bit more recognition…Hell, they are dealing with the largest organ in the human body and should get a little bit of credit for maintaining it!

            Dr. Renee has kept his expertise in his family and by being a mentor to his son who now works alongside him as an equal. It is such a beautiful thing to see family successfully working together in their self-owned business. Not only does this help ensure the survival of the business for many more years to come by providing a natural next-gen leader, but it also provides a comforting feeling that no-big conglomerate can offer. And of course the practical side of knowing a trusted family member can sub in if Pops is out sick for the day is nice too.                              In this world of big chains, and less passion, it is nice to know a few families still give a damn about doing their own thing...whether it is making the best bags possible, or being a damn dedicated dermatologists.