May 08, 2015

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Born to Breed: Meet Jeff

     Some men are destined to be nothing but dreamers. Others are determined to become doers; they focus on an objective and accomplish amazing results. This could be conquering massive climbs, educating entire populations about the glory that is cheese, or even serving up slices of edible perfection. Jeff is one of those guys who chose a trade and then became the best damn expert he could be in his field. In short: Jeff is one badass breeder that literally wrote the book on Brussels Griffons. WTF is a “Brussels Griffon” you ask?... Basically a tiny Chewbacca or Ewok complete with beard and monkey-like expressions that make this canine breed freaking unique.

            Jeff has been passionate about breeding these tiny bearded animals for decades now and his babies are some of the AKC’s finest. And while looks are important, the highly intelligent, quirky, little breed has a personality that sets it apart from the Bulldogs and the Basset Hounds and the Beagles of the world. So when Jeff gets two dogs to do "their thing," he is looking for the beautiful combination of appearance and temperament, to produce pups that anyone would love to call their own. When he does create a litter of little Brussels Griffons, they are adorable and can transform any Grinch into a dog crazed customer who quickly questions the price of a pooch. Jeff however is not some mongrel monger who makes money off of random schmucks seeking canine companions. He does his due diligence, screening both man and man’s best friend, to make sure they will meet the compatibility standards set by Han and Chewie.  

            If more dog breeders were dedicated to their calling, and gave a damn about the future of the fruit of their loins, then there would likely be less sad cases of abandoned dogs and the terrible nightmares that organizations like the LA-SPCA must face on a daily basis. Responsible dog breeders like Jeff provide a sound example that others should follow. But this example extends past pooch-producing into all other elements of life. Everyone should take note of their actions and decisions and consider the long term result. Basically, we all need to give a damn about how we impact today and tomorrow...and what is going to happen years down the line.                                                                                    So, how did the DamnDog HQ find Jeff?! Well, while Dozer, the original damn dog, is going nowhere, the DamnDog HQ figured an additional member to the rag-tag team would be of assistance to help with the overflow of new orders and reply to the increasing flow of emails from happy DamnDog owners singing our praises. So “Chewie” has joined us after Jeff approved that “El Capitan” of DamnDog was an appropriate human counterpart for this particular, scruffy little pup.