August 15, 2014

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The Latest from DamnDog

Here at the DamnDog HQ, located in the bubbling Bywater neighborhood of New Orleans, sleeping dogs are never left to lie. Resting on our previous successes is simply not a part of the culture of our office, of our brand, or of our home-town. Continual improvement and innovation is something we are obsessed with, and while we love the staples we have designed, like our Haversack and Work Bag, there is still so much more to bring to the world. DamnDog will be turning one in less than six months which means it is about damn time to introduce a few new sidekicks to our kick-ass collection.

While the number of people on the DamnDog payroll is pretty limited, the DamnDog community is vast and open to all. We actively seek out feedback. Like masochists we look forward to criticism as it pushes us to higher levels of perfection and awesomeness. Our DamnDog fans and Patriots have spoken. Here is a quick glimpse of the new items that will soon be sporting the DamnDog badge of authenticity.

First up…a backpack…but better. Cool styling meets clever features in this new bag of ours that is ready to roam the urban landscape. We listened to each and every one of your opinions. Many notebook pages were filled up, resulting in countless trees being destroyed because of your constant commenting. After spending way too many hours debating amongst our team and tinkering with potential samples, we have narrowed down the bad-ass features this bag is going to be branded with. Yes, there is padding for your computer. Yes, there is an H2O Holster. And, yes, we have followed though with our pickpocket-proof Safe-House too! With our new bag, you will be able to roam the streets freely knowing your computer is safe, your water is secured, and your valuables won’t get lifted.

And also coming down the line from the DamnDog design team: A bifold to store your moola. Yep, a wallet so freaking awesome that you will gladly pick up the tab so that you’ll have an excuse to whip out the damn thing. Top Shelf Buffalo Leather and our Waxed Swamp Canvas will soon be available to encase your credit cards, cash, and all the other crap you carry around in your back pocket. And, yes, riveted construction will be incorporated at least in some minor way…because our loyal fans and patriots insisted.

Thank you for the feedback and for the positive mojo. You know we care about making the best damn bags out there…we have proven our passion with our first batch. Just wait till you see what is coming in 2015!