April 08, 2015

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HELLO Fest Season!

The Freret Street Fest kicks off the fest season by taking over an entire Uptown street and turning it into an avenue lined with vendors and anchored by a couple of music-pumping stages. DamnDog participated in full force this year…and made sure everyone knew damn well about our attendance!
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March 25, 2015

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Yep, these people are better than you: Meet the silent saviors

 Walk down the street. Any street. It could be in Boston MA or Biloxi MS. It could be as far away as Katmandu or even Zanzibar, but it will likely not make a difference. View full article →
November 21, 2014

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Sushi With a Side of Nostalgia: Meet Chef Johnny

In this DamnBlog post, meet a man whose crowd-pleasing sushi fills the belly and comforts the soul. Chef Johnny is not only passionate about sushi, but also about remaining a constant in so many people's lives. View full article →
November 06, 2014

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Damn Thankful

The most sacred of Holidays: Thanksgiving is an oasis, the calm before the storm of the holidays– it’s a time we should all be damn proud about. Unlike most other holidays, which have been commercialized into cutthroat shopping sprees and wild bazaars, Thanksgiving manages to maintain its integrity, staying sacred and still mostly focused on the principles of its founding story; and for many, a new positive element is being added to this holiday tradition, giving thanks by giving to charity.

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September 30, 2014

Living to Run: Meet Kristin

New Orleans has never really cared about running. In a city known for its mayo-drenched fried oyster poboys, and oil-thick Southern specialties, living a healthy lifestyle can be an uphill battle. Salads are far from being acceptable entrees. Gym memberships are not something to be boasted about. Runners are practically social outcasts. But then there are people like Kristin who choose to confront New Orleans’s social norms and bring running into the lime light.

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August 15, 2014

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The Latest from DamnDog

Here at the DamnDog HQ, located in the bubbling Bywater neighborhood of New Orleans, sleeping dogs are never left to lie. Resting on our previous successes is simply not a part of the culture of our office, of our brand, or of our home-town. Continual improvement and innovation is something we are obsessed with, and while we love the staples we have designed, like our Haversack and Work Bag, there is still so much more to bring to the world...CONTINUE
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May 15, 2014

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Protecting the People: Meet Mark Strella

Main Street USA is being invaded. Surrounded on all sides by suburbs already saturated with mega-chains, corporate America is turning to the last remaining outposts of independence: our humble inner city neighborhoods and their locally run businesses. The battle is being lost, and the massive franchises are slowly pushing out the family owned shops and restaurants that create a community’s unique culture...CONTINUE
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April 16, 2014

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An Irish, a Jamaican, a Dream: Meet the Ailingers

Old Jamaica Pepper Jelly
America is a land full of wonderfully tasty cuisines. And while typical Americana entrees like meatloaf, hamburgers, and fried chicken are all within reach, our eclectic country is also populated by more globally-inspired-grub. Anybody with a nose and half a brain can find Chinese food in pretty much every metropolitan part of this great land. Mexican meals are offered by trucks, drive-throughs, fancy 5-star-joints, and tiny greasy spoons. Italian food is also just as common with the added bonus of delivery for the hardcore couch potatoes. Stuffing your face with Jamaican food, however, is not quite as easy... CONTINUE View full article →
March 21, 2014

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Guessing Game: Meet Dr. Hansen

Dr. Hansen of Prytania Veterinarians
I have nothing against doctors. I, personally, have been rescued by many knowledgeable doctors from multiple cases of food poisoning and painful injuries due to my poor decision making (like eating questionable Nepalese street food or firing off a nail gun too close to my hand). Seriously, I have nothing against doctors and I’m grateful for their expertise, but it’s slightly annoying how they’re the ones in the spotlight... CONTINUE View full article →
February 11, 2014

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Driven: Meet DeVille Mollaire

DamnDog February Post cab driver
I had just finished a 24-hour whirlwind trip to Atlanta to set up the DamnDog booth at a tradeshow and, after getting a whopping three hours of sleep, had finally landed back in New Orleans. I hightailed it off the plane as fast as I could, hopped in the first cab I saw, and was greeted by a cheerful DeVille, who floored me with his politeness. My lack-of-sleep-induced crankiness suddenly dissipated, and once my eyes grew accustomed to the dark interior of the van, I found myself speechless... CONTINUE View full article →