January 21, 2014

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Follow the Leader: Patagonia Sets a Standard

Do you know anything about Patagonia? Not the mountain range in Southern Chile (although that’s pretty badass, too). I’m talking about the Patagonia brand, born in California. Sported by hippies, hipsters and hooligans of all sorts, this clothing and gear line is really an overlord in the outdoor industry... CONTINUE
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January 03, 2014

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Vacation Perfection: Meet Cody Scott

As Americans, the desire for adventure and exploration is ingrained in our DNA. From the courageous new-world-seeking Pilgrims, to the gold-seeking Wild West pioneers, Americans have a history of seeking out the exciting. A lot of us, however, are content spending our vacation time at deluxe beach-front resorts with perfect, clear blue skies, king size beds, and pool side drink service.

Then there’s Cody Scott, who’d make any man insecure in his manhood as he casually comments about “alternative” trips to less-than-perfect paradises...CONTINUE

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December 17, 2013

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Be Cheesy: Meet Justin Trosclair

 To say that Justin Trosclair likes cheese is like saying the Cookie Monster appreciates a quality snikerdoodle from time to time – it’s a gross understatement.

Justin is milk’s-best-byproduct’s biggest fanboy. Besides constantly nibbling on the stuff, he has a solid history of producing and teaching classes about cheese, and works full time behind the counter in one of America’s best little cheese shops – Saint James Cheese Company, in New Orleans... CONTINUE

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