Item X001 - Damn Wax

You got the badass bag but want even more weather proofing because nothing is ever good enough!? Or maybe you live in Seattle or Atlantis and legitimately deal with Mother Nature’s fury? Or perhaps you take joy charging headfirst into thunderstorms without the protection offered by a rain jacket and you think umbrellas are only for the weak? Or, maybe your loyal DamnDog has served you well and you just need to give it a fresh coat of wax to add some more years of life to the Swamp Canvas…

Whatever the reason, this soap-bar-sized block of canvas wax is the ticket to increased water resistance and awesomeness for both DamnDog and non-DamnDog bags (i.e. inferior bags) alike.


  • 3 oz bar of canvas wax for increasing water resistance to both treated and untreated fabrics
  • Works on both DamnDog Swamp Canvas bags and crappy-non-DamnDog bags.
  • Intended for use on bags, not bodies. Don’t try to give yourself a Brazilian waxing with this….that would be stupid
  • May darken fabric somewhat.
  • Made from the tears of Posidon himself, so you know this stuff is awesome.
  • Read instructions on label before use. Seriously.
    1. Test in a discrete part of canvas first

    2. Wax in a circular motions until fully coated. Smooth out with fingertips

    3. Heat with hairdryer* to set the wax

    4. Reapply as needed for desired amount of protection

    5. Brag to your friends* 

                   *Neither hairdryer nor friends included                                         with purchase of Damn Wax