Item 018 - Go Sack

When you need to grab-and-go, and get outta Dodge, this is the best damn bag to have by your side.

A quick draw opening grants immediate access to the main compartment where you find little touches that add class to this simplistic bag, such as our trademark lining and a useful slip pocket. The water-resistant DamnDog waxed Swamp Canvas and Top Shelf leather accents turn this baby from a cheap commodity, swag bag, into a prized possession that is worth more than a shiny penny!

This classic backpack-drawstring pack is something that everyone can find a use for making it an ideal gift for that complicated cousin of yours. From gym bag to travel bag to reusable shopping bag, there is little that this little bag won’t do.

While crazy features are often sought after, sometimes basic is better. The DamnDog Go Sack, with its quick draw opening and stupidly simple design, means there is little to get in the way from you being ready to rock at a moment’s notice.

  • Body: Swamp Canvas
  • Lining: Lightweight, light-colored, textured lining
  • Top Shelf Leather accents
  • Drawstring opening main compartment 
  • Carrying Options: Drawstrings act as backpack straps to be worn over both shoulders or slung over a single shoulder
  • The stupidly simple design is surprisingly perfectly practical 
  • 100% Awesome. 0% bull shit.

DIMENSIONS: 16.5" (H) x 13.8" (L)


Collections: Bags, Frontpage

Type: Bag

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