The Latest from DamnDog

August 15, 2014

Here at the DamnDog HQ, located in the bubbling Bywater neighborhood of New Orleans, sleeping dogs are never left to lie. Resting on our previous successes is simply not a part of the culture of our office, of our brand, or of our home-town. Continual improvement and innovation is something we are obsessed with, and while we love the staples we have designed, like our Haversack and Work Bag, there is still so much more to bring to the world...CONTINUE
Protecting the People: Meet Mark Strella

May 15, 2014

Main Street USA is being invaded. Surrounded on all sides by suburbs already saturated with mega-chains, corporate America is turning to the last remaining outposts of independence: our humble inner city neighborhoods and their locally run businesses. The battle is being lost, and the massive franchises are slowly pushing out the family owned shops and restaurants that create a community’s unique culture...CONTINUE

Learn about the product features that we give a damn about.

At DamnDog, each item we make is carefully crafted with premium materials and distinctive features.
  • Top Shelf Leather
  • Swamp Canvas
  • Double Stitched Seams
  • Riveted Construction
  • And More