The Official Damn Warranty

 We are happy if you are happy. But please don’t abuse our friendship, because karma will get you.

The Official Damn Warranty Explanation:

We are happy if you are happy.

We are proud of our products and we think you will be too. We give a damn about making the best stuff out there, and we get so excited when DamnDog owners write in telling us how much they love their DamnDog.  That makes us happy. But every so often, one of our products does not meet the high hopes of a customer, and we will do whatever possible to make them happy.

Our products are made from natural canvas and leather. Yes, they are tough and our hand sewn construction is impressive. We avoid using wimpy synthetic material whenever possible and we never use any plastic nonsense.  But even though everything we make is badass, we have to be realistic and admit that anything can break over time. If that does happen after a happy life filled with daily adventures (or simply coffee runs), then we recommend singing a solemn hymn one day and remembering all the history you shared with that product as you bury it peacefully in your backyard. However, there are countless tales of our Haversacks and other bags being used for years non-stop by both jetsetters and homebodies. Their bags are always well worn, yet perfectly functional, and actually look better than ever thanks to the glorious aging.

While our products have survived some pretty intense trials of strength, we kindly ask that you do not misuse any of our products as they may get damaged.  Do not assume our products are designed to carry 100 lb bowling balls (except for the Damn Bowling Ball Bag scheduled for potential release in the future), or make appropriate places to stores feral cats with ridiculously sharp claws (except for the Damn Feral Cat with Ridiculously Sharp Claws Storage Bag scheduled for potential release in future).  

Our quality control is pretty damn perfect, but occasionally even Mother Teresa must have made a mistake. If you purchase a DamnDog product directly from us and discover there is a clear defect or manufacturing issue, then shoot us an email and we will try to make life right again. 

We would appreciate it if you would maintain our system of honor and trust, and not ruin the harmonious relationship that has been established and respected by all the other proud DamnDog owners.

So, please don’t abuse our friendship, because karma will get you.


FYI :   

DamnDog is not waterproof. Or fireproof. Or bulletproof. Or resistant to Kryptonite as far as we can tell.