Item 013 - Jean Belt

Unless you are still stuck in the 90’s thinking super saggy pants are baller, than a quality belt is a staple you need to invest in. So, hold your pants up in our ridiculous badass buffalo leather, and have a belt buckle that means business. The DamnDog Jean Belt is made from the thickest hides we could get our hands on. We don’t use any of that glued-together two-ply crap leather that the vast majority of designer brands use (*cough* Fossil-Boss-Banana Republic *cough*). Just one solid, thick piece of buffalo leather and a cast molded buckle is used on this baby.

If you have ever splurged on leather seats in your sedan, or if that leather wallet in your back pocket is something you may never part with, then now is the time to get yourself a legit belt which you will appreciate for years to come.

When you get to that beautiful point in your life where you retire from ever wearing real pants and can live in the comfort of sweats, then gift your DamnDog Jean Belt to your grandkids. They will thank you for an awesome heirloom and hopefully will carry on your damn good sense of style.


  • Belt: Single-ply Top Shelf Buffalo Leather (not the crap our competitors use)
  • Buckle: Cast Molded Solid Metal
  • 3 sizes: Small Medium Large
  • Holds pants around waist
  • Not just for Jeans, although you probably should not wear this with suit pants, board shorts, or a kilt
  • Two in one functionality: belt today, family heirloom tomorrow.
  • Small size is 29-33" , Medium size is 33-36", Large size is 36-39". (These are estimates and  please note belt may break in after use like all good leather)
  • It is a freaking belt, what else do you need to know?!




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